Digital Platform for families with rare genetic diseases
We make family, geneticists and physicians connected
Help your doctor to help you
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We provide family with a digital companion to monitor disease providing knowledge, support and improving quality of life
Teamwork is the only way to manage rare genetic diseases
Hear everybody, connect indispensable

MedMediator helps:

  • collect, monitor and explain all signs of disease, including intellectual and quality of life points. We will alarm you to apoint a visit to your doctor if something will go wrong!
  • get "second opinion" and be connected with experienced physician team
  • confirm or find your diagnosis by geneticist
  • lead you by the hand

MedMediator allows:

  • collect clinical information, requests and family hystory prior to visit
  • organize digital consilium with physicians and geneticists
  • match clinical and genetic information

MedMediator provides:

  • connection with family for dynamic monitoring between visits
  • digital teamwork opportunity
  • KOL's support and guidelines
Science, clinical practice and digital solution
Elmira Safarova
Founder & CEO
PhD in molecular biology and pharmacology
I know how much knowledge we need behind new drug be approved.
If I am not reading NEJM than dancing.
Ekaterina Nuzhnaya
I know rare diseases is not rare in real clinical practice at all.
Dig it and translate science into practice and vice versa.
Artem Schegolev
SW engineer
I know how to transform doctor's dream into reality and clinical practice.
My kids are my hobby. Why not?
Pavel Kochubey
SW engineer
I know how native apps work especially in health management area.
I like to work worldwide sitting in my small garden.
Scientific Advisory Board

Natalia Belova

Head of the Center of Inborn Pathology, MD, DM

Genetics, endocrinology

GMS clinics and hospitals

Multidisciplinary team work in rare genetic disease

Ekaterina Pomerantseva
Genetics, PhD
Scientific Advisor, Genetico diagnostics Center
Scientific Advisors of Charity funds
Patient Advisory Board

Veronika Grigorieva

Mother of Maria

Volunteer, Head of Syndrome Williams Fund

Alex Avadaev
Father of Evelina
Geek in myopathy's science&tech,
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We have a dream: family, geneticists and physicians become partners for a living with rare disease
Hear everybody, connect indispensible:
Tel: +7 499 286-96-98

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